Stand and Salute

Our Heroes’ Journey and the Stand and Salute Program

Like most Americans, we’re grateful for everything our service members and veterans do. As a way of showing our appreciation, we’ve honored nearly a hundred service members to date—you can read their stories below—and hope to honor dozens more in the coming months.

Stand and Salute American Heroes works with professional sports teams, large and small venues, and private homes across the country to honor these brave men and women. Many honorees are Purple Heart recipients, although that isn’t a requirement to receive these honors. From jam-packed stadiums to a loved one’s living room, we’re happy to honor our heroes wherever they’re most comfortable.

Honor Events for War Veterans

Together with committed volunteers from across the country, we’re able to set up public and private events to honor the war veterans who sacrifice so much. The service members we honor come from all branches, all theaters and all walks of life.

Stand and Salute events are a time for our Heroes to “shine” and be honored. Large-scale Stand and Salute events an opportunity for the general public to offer their thanks for the service and sacrifices these courageous service members have made to ensure others’ liberation and freedom. Private gatherings are a time for close friends and family members to come together to express gratitude and spend quality time with these deserving heroes.

Our Heroes’ Journey, volunteers, and our heroes’ loved ones come together to present these true American heroes with gifts of thanks. These gifts, which come from all over the country, are given during Stand and Salute events.

Stand and Salute events are made possible by donations from people just like you. Our Heroes’ Journey is grateful to our many generous partners who offer their support and donate their time to make these honor events special for our Heroes.

Our Honored Heroes

From World War II and Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ve honored service members from all combat theaters. Please take your own moment to honor them by reading their stories. If you know a Hero who deserves recognition, please let us know.


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