Operation Military Brat

Operation Military BratOur military’s high operational tempos require service members to deploy to combat zones more frequently than ever before—and while they’re gone, kids rely on only one parent, grandparents or other loved ones for everyday care. In many cases, military babies are born while their fathers are deployed or training.

Because the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard require these extensive time commitments, many military children are raised by a single parent most of the time. Military kids move more often than most kids, too, so they’re forced to adapt and make adjustments every two to three years.

A Word on “Military Brats”

Military kids aren’t brats. In fact, they’re some of the most well-behaved, well-adapted kids you’ll ever meet.

They’re generally average, everyday kids just trying to cope with the challenges of growing up. These “military brats” are resilient and understand that change is inevitable—and most embrace it. What really sets military kids apart from their peers is their ability to handle everyday stresses with the knowledge that dad or mom might never come home.

Operation Military Brat: A Resource for Kids and Families

Christmas Party Military BratSingle parenting is tough. Resources are often stretched thin, and many military kids go without the basics they need as a result.

Our Heroes’ Journey works with children’s clothing stores and consignment shops to help overworked, over-stressed and under-funded military parents however we can. Through Operation Military Brat, we offer clothing and baby item giveaways to kids on military installations to help alleviate the financial stresses military families face.

Can You Help?

No military child should go without clothing or other necessities. If you’re able to help us make a big difference for the child of a deployed service member, or if you know a military family who’s struggling to make ends meet, please let us know. Through your donations, we can reach more families than ever before. From every dollar that Our Heroes’ Journey receives, we’re able to put an average of 90 cents directly toward helping soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines so that their families are as well-equipped as possible to handle the challenges that life throws at them.

Please donate to Our Heroes Journey so we can continue our mission of helping those who need us most.

Our Heroes’ Journey is a 501(c)3 charity, and you can request our financials via our contact us page.

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